The Goddess Circle 

A circle of safety, love, and transformation

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This 7 week course designed to crack open your heart and help you discover the true essence of your being.

Beginning Tuesday, January 26th at 7pmEST


"Inside each of us is a powerful being of light...a goddess that is fierce, but also gentle. When you choose to connect to her, you will ignite the flame within you and a new life will begin. This will be an infinite circle of harmony with amazing women ready to step forward in love. You will feel safe to open your heart and explore all parts of you. When you allow yourself to be seen, you will begin to call in what is really meant for you. This course will change your life."


-Melissa Sgambelluri

What Will You Learn From This Group?

Week 1

Self discover

Embracing all parts of you


Opening and honoring your intuitive heart

Week 2

Identifying your wounds

How to understand & release emotions and trauma

Inner child healing

How to practice forgiveness

Week 3

Listening and connecting to your body

Developing a health relationship with your body

The 7 chakras and how to heal those out of alignment

Awakening your senses with intentional movement

Week 4


Masculine/Feminine energies (balance & embodiment)

Understanding your core energy within relationships

Honoring your desires and needs

Week 5

Sacred Sexuality

Intimacy with self and in relationships

Releasing the your sensual wildness

Womb Healing

Week 6

How to set healthy boundaries

Speaking your truth with love

Eliminating fear in your life

Quieting the mind

Week 7

True manifestation

Welcoming in abundance

Bringing yourself into alignment 

Final release of all that does not serve you

"Melissa helped me step into my woman-ness. She opened up my heart space to call in

self-love and presence again."

-Haley Madison

Frequently asked questions

When will the calls be held?

Our video calls will begin on Tuesday, January 26th at 7pm EST, through Zoom video. Calls will take place each week, the same day and time.

How long is the class?

Each class will be 1 hour in length.

Do I need to be on video for this class?

Although you do not have to, I strongly encourage you allow yourself to be seen.

What do I need to bring to our calls?

Your heart and soul, ready to learn, grow and welcome in the energy of love.

What should I wear to the calls?

Dress in something comfortable that makes you feel good. We will be moving and stretching our bodies.

Will there be homework?

Yes! The most important part is what you do outside of our you implement the teachings into your life. I will assign homework each week.

What else do I need to know about this group?

I have created a private Facebook group for our circle members to share your feelings and support one another throughout our weeks together. I will be posting our video call recordings there as well, so you can listen again.