Bouquet of Flowers

Meet Melissa

Healing from my own limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and wounding, I have committed myself to helping others transform their lives. I use my intuitive gifts to guide you through your own transformation process and to help activate more love. By connecting you to your heart, you will begin to embody your truth and return home to your soul's essence.

Along with 1:1 coaching and group programs, I have designed and teach "Connection & Flow." A method that uses a variety of movement techniques & breathe-work to connect you deeper with your heart space. This will pulling up stuck energy or emotions and drop you out of your busy mind. This class is a safe space to express your sensual side and help you discover more appreciation for yourself, others, and your body.

 I believe in this work and utilize all of my teachings within my own life. My open heart and unique methods will expose the light within you and allow the beautiful changes to begin. I choose to teach because I want others to feel the amazing blessing of true joy and abundance. We are here to love, serve, grow, and LIVE.