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My name is Melissa. I am Healing Coach, movement teacher, and a podcast host. I am here to guide you toward discovering more love and joy in your life...

Connection & Flow Class
Saturday Mornings LIVE with Melissa on Instagram:
11:30 am EST @Melissa_Sgambelluri
This is a movement class, created by Melissa to help you to get out of the mind an into your body. Combining breathe work, tribal dance, and meditation, this class will shift  your energy and allow emotions to surface. You will connect to your heart and free your sensuality. This is a powerful class that will help you feel the flow.
(Dress in comfortable clothes, that make you feel good)
Bouquet of Flowers

What I Specialize In


Connecting & OpeningYour Heart

Healing from Trauma & Wounding

Growth & Transformation

Harmonizing your

Masculine and Feminine Energies

Bouquet of Flowers


Melissa has a very kind-hearted spirit that shines through with honest and compassionate guidance. I feel safe to bring up the most personal situations with her and receive thoughtful and relevant feedback. She speaks her truth with love and brings her personal experience and intuition to the table.


Owner of Money Matters Financial Firm

Melissa's guidance was incredibly powerful and transformative. The safe space she created allowed me to access some deep emotions that I have been carrying as of late, and gave me the opportunity to start to release some of the negative within, and to transform them like an alchemist, into something more positive. Her openness and willingness to share her own journey made her genuine and allowed for an authentic space for me to heal and look within myself.

I feel lighter, brighter, and more at peace with myself than I have in months.

-Olivia Jarem

Creator of Soul Kick Fit

With Melissa's support and guidance I have been able to learn how to strongly communicate my needs and desires within all of my relationships, healed wounds from my mother, formed a deeper connection to my inner child, and so much more. I have noticeably evolved into a stronger and more empowered woman who confidently takes control over her own actions. I was in a really dark place when I met Melissa and I feel my heart has completely expanded and I am forever grateful for the work she offers, and I plan to continue working with her in the near future to continue going deeper into my healing. 

- Haley Madison

Online Business Coach

Turn your heart back on with

The Heart On Podcast

with Melissa Sgambelluri


The Heart On

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About the show:

The Heart On is a show with depth, wisdom, and realness. Each topic will help you to tap back into your heart and teach you ways to enhance the quality of your life. The show offers guided meditations, sound healing, interviews, and Q&As from the listeners. Through inspiration, personal experiences, and Melissa's fun-loving spirit, you will be sure to learn, laugh, and grow!

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